Women in Cages (1971) watch online


Directed by:  Gerardo de Leon Stars: Judith Brown, Roberta Collins and Jennifer Gan Language: English Country: Philippines Also known as:  Bamboo Doll House, Carcel, Femmes en cages, Women’s Penitentiary III Description:  Carol Jeffries is a naive American woman staying in the Philippines. She is given ten years in prison after […]

Scream Blacula Scream (1973) watch online


Directed by: Bob Kelljan Actors: William Marshall, Don Mitchell, Pam Grier Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Blacula Is Beautiful, Grita Blácula grita (Drácula negro 2), Der Schrei des Todes, O exorkistis, Blakula 2 Description: Deciding to take revenge on the enemies that deprived him of the post of high priest of the voodoo […]

Sweet Sugar (1972) Watch Online

MoCuishle 2

Directed by: Michel Levesque Actors: Phyllis Davis Ella Edwards, Pamela Collins , Angus Duncan, Timothy Brown, Cliff Osmond, Angus Duncan Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Hellfire On Ice, She Devils In Chains, Chaingang Girls, Captive Women 3 Description: This one might not be my favorite of the WIP’s I’ve seen, but it’s waaay […]

The Arena (1974) watch online


Directed by: Steve Carver Actors: Margaret Markov, Pam Grier, Lucretia Love, Paul Muller, Daniele Vargas, Marie Louise Sinclair Language: English Country: Italy | USA Also known as: Naked Warriors, La rivolta delle gladiatrici, La révolte des gladiatrices. Description: Many hundred years in the past, the men and women of Rome […]

Big Doll House (1971) watch online


Directed by: Jack Hill Actors: Judy Brown, Pam Grier,  Roberta Collins, Sid Haig, Brooke Mills, Pat Woodell Language: English Country: USA | Philippines Also known as: Women’s Penitentiary III, Sesso in gabbia, Cárcel de mujeres, Naarashäkki Description: Big Doll House is a history of hard life of the prisoners in the women’s prison, located on […]