The Abductors aka Ekviastai (1972) watch uncut


Directed by: Pavlos Filippou
Actors: Lakis Komninos, Andreas Barkoulis, Dinos Iliopoulos
Language: English
Country: Greece

Also known as: Abductors, Ekviastai

Description: Rare and obscure offering from Greek director Pavlos Filippou, director of ‘RANSOM BABY’, this crime-thriller exploitation has all the ingredients to satiate the appetites of the Euro-crime film fan. Taking its cue from the Italian crime flicks of the period (with a few nods to other films, including ‘Straw Dogs’), this gem has ticks all the boxes with an engaging plot, solid performances, the usual scenery-chewing bad guys and a liberal dash of violence and nudity.

This is the extremely rare English dubbed version released on pre-cert video by ‘GO Video’ back in the early 1980s in the UK. Alas, it is also the cut ‘X’ certificate cinema print approved by Stephen Murphy and Lord Harlech back in the day (saying that, the BBFC’s website claims a film of this title submitted in 1972 was rejected…so it seems odds that it was later approved and yet is not on their site)

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