The Brides Wore Blood (1972) watch online


Directed by: Bob Favorite
Actors: Dolores Friedline, Chuck Faulkner, Jan Sherman
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Blood Bride

Description: The wealthy De Lorca family has suffered from the curse of vampirism throughout the centuries. Suave patriarch Carlos (decently played by Paul Everett) invites four lovely young women to his creepy isolated opulent estate. Carlos singles out rich blonde Yvonne (the supremely snotty and unappealing Dolores Heiser) as the ideal candidate to be impregnated by his vampire son Juan (the pitifully unscary and unconvincing Chuck Faulkner) and uses the other luckless gals as mere disposable canon fodder.
Man, does this gloriously ghastly abomination possess all the right wretched stuff to rate as a choice chunk of cheapo dime-store cinema cheese: fumbling (non)direction by Robert R. Favorite, mostly atrocious acting from a lame no-name cast (Bob Lelizia cops the top thespic dishonors with his singularly stinky portrayal of pathetic mute idiot hunchback servant Perro), a sluggish pace, rough, grainy, ugly-as-dirt cinematography, shoddy make-up (one bloodsucker babe sports a mouthful of obvious chintzy novelty schlock shop plastic fangs!), an annoying generic ooga-booga synthesizer score by Lee Peters, tacky gore, and a seriously depressing surprise bummer ending.

Moreover, we also got a smidgen of gratuitous female nudity, a grotesque demon dude running amok, and a hot belly dancer doing her sexy thing at a local tavern. The seedy backwater Florida locations add a tasty regional flavor to the gloomy proceedings. In fact, this flick often plays like a lurid Southern-fried version of your basic paltry Andy Milligan fright feature.

To sum up, it’s worth a watch, but only if you are a really hardcore aficionado of deliciously dreadful micro-budget obscure dreck.

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