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Directed by: Ula Stöckl
Stars: Liane Hielscher, Kristine de Loup, Jürgen Arndt, Elke Kummer, Heidi Stroh
Language: German | Subtitles: English
Country: Germany | Imdb Info

Also known as: Neun Leben hat die Katze

Description: Ula Stöckl is a pioneer of women’s film. At a time when in the old Republic there was neither a women’s movement nor women’s film she made the film The Cat Has Nine Lives (1968). This was her graduation film from the Institute for Film at the School of Design in Ulm (her teachers were Alexander Kluge and Edgar Reitz). The film disappeared without trace after the distributor, which had bought it and secured 600 cinema dates for it, went bust. It wasn’t until many years later that it was re-discovered as West Germany’s “first feminist film” (Christa Maerker) and it became a cult film of the 60s. In a relaxed, flirtatious and meandering manner it portrays the everyday experiences, desires, sexual acts and fantasies of different women: a German journalist, her French girlfriend and a German pop singer. Stöckl shocks both men and women with her use of cinematic metaphors for female lust. These elements of shock run through all her work. Other cinematic trademarks in this, her first film, also guide her later film work: such as the use of amateur and professional actors, or the bringing together of fantasy and dream sequences with raw elements of footage of real-life situations.

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