The Click aka Le declic (1985) watch online


Directed by: Jean-Louis Richard, Steve Barnett
Actors: Florence Guérin, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bernie Kuby, Géraldine Pernet, Jacqueline Chauvet, Corinne Corron, Gérard-Antoine Huart, Fabrice Josso, Crofton Hardester, Jasmine Maimone, Lisa Marks
Language: French (English Subtitles)
Country: France

Also known as: Le déclic. The Turn-On, Lady Doll, Declic – Dentro Florence, To koumbi tis, El clic, De schakelaar

Description: When medical researcher Dr. Fez discovers a device that stimulates and controls sexual behavior in laboratory mice, he knows he’s on to something that could change the world. Or at least improve his own sex life. But first, he must put his invention to the ultimate test… on living breathing, 100% luscious women! It’s a rollicking romp of wild abandon with some of the world’s most beautiful women. Why dream, when you can be turned on?

This feature is indeed a strange creation.  One gets the impression that an American producer suddenly decided he wanted to make a film but not have to do much work.  So he went and secured a French film, shot a bunch of additional nude scenes to use as inserts and chopped out just enough of the plot to leave you scratching your head at times as to what’s really going on.  When the dust settled we’re left with this film, “The Click” which would have long since faded into total anonymity but for the fact that some of the actresses used in the inserts either were {or later became} well known b-movie babes in the U.S.

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