The Cubs aka Los Cachorros (1973) watch online


Directed by: Jorge Fons
Stars: José Alonso, Helena Rojo, Carmen Montejo
Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English
Country: Mexico

Also known as: Eviration bramosia dei sensi , Los cachorros

Description: A man who has been mutilated in boyhood encounters numerous difficulties because of it. Jose Alonso plays a man whose lower limbs, including his sexual organs, were savaged by a Great Dane in boyhood. Unfortunately for him, his sex drive developed unabated and his frustration at being unable to culminate his relationships with women eventually drives him to drastic action because he has no alternative or compensating interests.

Review: Classic and key movie in Mexican drama and exploitation genre. This movie is rather depressing than shocking.

The title tells you half you need to know. A young man is taking a shower when a savage dog attacks him and devour his genitals. The scene is pretty gory and raw but I repeat, it’s not that shocking; it’s depressing. As a child that scene impressed and shocked me, but now as a grown-up I understand the sad situation and I can fully understand the symbolism of his attitude as an adult. The fixation and voyeurism attitudes reflect the burdens of being psychologically disturbed.

The rest of the plot deals with his normal life as an adult and how traumatic the experience is. He gets into a passionate relationship with a love caring and beautiful woman but everything gets horrible when they try to have a sexual relationship. . .

The movie is not that raw in visuals but in dialogs and character development it’s truly disturbing. Low budget in Mexican cinema always means crudeness.

You won’t be disappointed if you like difficult topics displayed into movies.

MAJOR SPOILER :The ending is also very depressing and truly makes you feel sorry for the male lead; which by the way is played brilliantly by Pepe Alonso. Death wasn’t the solution in my opinion.

Also: Helena Rojo was freaking hot.

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