The Curious Dr. Humpp (1969) watch online


Directed by: Emilio Vieyra
Actors: Ricardo Bauleo, Gloria Prat, Aldo Barbero
Language: English
Country: Argentina

Also known as: La venganza del sexo, The Curious Case of Dr. Humpp

Description: An army of robots lead by a Frankensteinian monster kidnap several women to serve as sexual specimens.
They coose free loving hippies, nyphomaniac lesbians and a most sensual stripper to take them to the mad scientist, Dr. Humpp.
He will test on them aphrodisiacs and an electronic controls for libido tor turn these specimens in even more sexual active women, to the satisfaction of his master, an angry brain that can’t satisfy it’s imense sexual desire any other way. Dr. Humpp drains the vital sex energies from them as they copulate and creates a youth elixir from himself.

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