The Curious Dr. Humpp (1969) watch uncut


Directed by: Emilio Vieyra
Actors: Ricardo Bauleo, Gloria Prat, Aldo Barbero
Language: English
Country: Argentina

Also known as: La venganza del sexo (original title; Argentina) | The Curious Case of Dr. Humpp (International)

Description: An army of robots lead by a Frankensteinian monster kidnap several women to serve as sexual specimens. They coose free loving hippies, nyphomaniac lesbians and a most sensual stripper to take them to the mad scientist, Dr. Humpp.

He will test on them aphrodisiacs and an electronic controls for libido tor turn these specimens in even more sexual active women, to the satisfaction of his master, an angry brain that can’t satisfy it’s imense sexual desire any other way. Dr. Humpp drains the vital sex energies from them as they copulate and creates a youth elixir from himself.

From director of Blood of the Virgins and Women’s Reformatory

Review: “Sexual Revenge” aka “The Curious Dr. Humpp” – one of the most outstanding examples of operational movies 60 – 70 years of the last century. Quite a wild story and supercheap production is combined with an unexpectedly stylish performance, studio camera work and … What’s there to hide a pig in a poke – a huge number of excellent filmed sex scenes. Actually, in this way in those years was a lot of movies, but the tape Argentine Emilio Vieira somehow managed not to get lost in this same type of manifold (do not take the oxymoron). And even attain cult status over the years. It is still, of course, nothing says – you never know what kind of mischief have declared their fans. A nasty «La Venganza Del Sexo» still the same … But today, this notorious and shameless trash will handicap other vain attempts to stunted field of art-house – and win with a clear advantage.

Of course, a fair share of how decrepit looks cool (no, not that – vintage) ribbon Emilio Vieira today belongs to the restorers, whose efforts have black-and-white film looks like a stylized workshop itself. But no, hairstyles, clothes, even underwear – can not be so accurately display all the details, without inventing a time machine. So, the viewer is left wondering what is a credit to the operator Anibal Gonzalez, and that brought into the picture of digital technologies of the XXI century – in any case, the visual range of «La Venganza Del Sexo» just gorgeous. Actually, the plot of the movie in general could not be – this is almost nothing would have changed.

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