Curse of Her Flesh (1968) watch UNCUT



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Directing: Michael Findlay
Writing: Roberta Findlay – Michael Findlay
Stars: Eve Bork, Michael Findlay, Ron Skideri, Linda Boyce, Sally Farb, John Amero, Jane Bond, Angelique, Vivian Del Rio, Uta Erickson, Roberta Findlay, Cindy Freemont, Suzanne Marre, Steve Roule, Peggy Steffans
Country: US
Language: English

A weapons dealer catches his wife, a stripper, cheating on him with another man. He runs away only to be hit by a car, resulting in his losing an eye and becoming paralyzed. He decides to take his revenge by hunting down and killing strippers. He poses as the owner of a strip club inorder to get close to his quarry.

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