The Daughter I, a Woman Part III (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: Mac Ahlberg
Actors:  Gunbritt Öhrström, Inger Sundh, Klaus Pagh
Language: English
Country: Denmark

Also known as: Black Voltage, 3 slags kærlighed, Like Mother, Like Daughter: I, a Woman, Part III, Jag – En Kvinnas Dotter

Description: Siv, shocked that caught his mother in bed with her lover, runs out of the house aimlessly. And mostly they stare toward disco and hippie companies where shall be removed from the injustice of the world through sex and drugs. But the meeting with a young doctor Steven and his sister makes a girl look at life differently. However, now in front of her face a new problem – who is most like?

Review: This X rated showcase finds a young and sexually unskilled woman showing up home from boarding school to find her mom having sex with a man. Traumatized, she flees the scene and ends up in a hippie coffee house. She smokes hasheesh, engages in lesbianism and has sex with a black colored United states medical college student. Amazing dancers, Hell’s Angels and other colourful characters are integrated in the youthful women intimate awakening.

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