The Demons (1973) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas, Karin Field
Language: English
Country: France | Portugal

Also known as: Le demoni, Los demonios, She-Demons, Les démons, The Sex Demons

Description: Medieval Europe. Everywhere mow witches. Although the amount has not been transferred to the quality, but in the whole chain of the killing was executed a real witch. Her daughters lived in a convent, and in one “beautiful” day they captured the spirit of their mother, after which they began to corrupt the entire female staff. On top of that they have a special kiss that turns into a skeleton every living object …

Review: I was pleasantly surprised that the story actually had a modicum of depth and complexity to it. I was really fooled into thinking Margaret was a pawn of the devil. She masturbated constantly and always spoke of passionate dreams of lovemaking with Satan.  Doris Thomas was wonderful as the tortured Mother Rosalinda. She was torn between her devotion to her faith and the temptation of her flesh — classic nunsploitation.

Karin Field was also excellent as the perverse Lady De Winter. I was especially amused at the incredibly perverted love-making scene between her and Renfield (Dalbes) in which they “play inquisitor”. He whips her with beads while she writhes on the bed denying that she’s a witch.  I absolutely hated the sword fights. I thought the sword fighting in the Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine were cheesy! This movie takes the cake. If there’s an award for terrible sword fights, this film is a shoe in. I suppose people don’t watch nunsploitation for the fight scenes, but if they were done well, this would have been an all around better film.

The special effects were especially awful. Whenever Kathleen killed someone they would just replace the person with a fake, plastic skeleton. It was just so bad. It would have been better, and probably no more costly, to just do the death effect with smoke and make up. Have the actors start to smoke around the collar, have them cough up blood, then scream and writhe in agony and fall on the floor, bleeding all over the place. The only thing that requires is acting (which may be asking too much) and a little make up and fake blood.

The ending would have been much more dramatic if Lord Jeffries kisses Kathleen, the walks back up to his balcony, occasionally coughing. The coughing more. Then spit up blood and gradually worsen from there.  Still, if you’re looking for corruption, seduction and gratuitous sex and nudity, Jess Franco (The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, Voodoo Passion, Blue Rita, etc.) delivers with The Demons

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