The Devil Has Seven Faces (1971) watch online


Directed by: Osvaldo Civirani
Actors:  Carroll Baker, George Hilton, Stephen Boyd
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Il diavolo a sette facce, Bloody Mary, Der Teufel hat sieben Gesichter, Die Diamantenlady, El diablo tiene siete caras, Le diable a sept visages, O diavolos me ta efta prosopa, The Devil With Seven Faces

Description: Amsterdam: Julie Harrison, a translator, is stalked by a mysterious man. She subsequently informs David Barton, her lawyer, that her identical twin, Mary, has contacted her from London because her life is being threatened. Dave’s friend Tony, a racing driver, saves Julie from being kidnapped and the pair are later menaced by two thugs. An insurance investigator informs Barton that Julie’s sister apparently stole a million pound diamond from a Maharaja…

Review: This crime thriller has giallo twists woven throughout its sinuous plot. Baker once again plays a seemingly innocent woman terrorised by outright villains or ambiguous individuals who turn out to be rogues (see Paranoia; Baba Yaga, etc.). Stephen Boyd, the star of epics like Ben Hur, is a lawyer whose motives are constantly being questioned by the police (and the viewer). Boyd’s career was on the slide in the early Seventies (he was also in minor psycho pics Nel buio del terrore and Marta) but this is one of his better roles. The film includes some pretty stupid moments, such as Baker being menaced by a man in a gorilla mask brandishing a large knife (a practical joke played by a work colleague – very likely!). And although the climax in and around a desolate windmill (recalling Mill of the Stone Women) is reasonably effective, the Amsterdam locations could have been put to better use. Long-serving director Civirani turned his hand to any genre from sexy mondo to peplums, westerns and motor racing pics. In giallo terms, The Devil with Seven Faces is a run-of-the-(wind)mill affair, but the ambiguous leads played by Baker, Boyd and Hilton, combined with the presence of genre regulars such as Pigozzi and Ressel provide reason alone to give this Devil a spin.

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