The Devils Nightmare (1971) watch cult horror


Directed by: Jean Brismée
Actors: Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Daniel Emilfork
Language: English
Country: Belgium,Italy

Also known as: La plus longue nuit du diable

Description: Euro-sleaze fans take note. The movie begins in WW2 with plenty of stock footage of the war and a weird scene where a Nazi general, upset that his wife just gave birth to a baby girl instead of a boy, proceeds to do something horrid.

Flash forward twenty years and we find seven weary travelers (all based on a deadly sin) in a small bus who are invited to stay in a grand castle. Once there, they feast on delicious food and meet an eccentric Baron and his all-too creepy staff. All is well at first, but then a beautiful woman joins the party and heads start rolling.

Seven tourists stop for the night in the castle of Baron Ronberga. Each guest embodies one of the seven deadly sins. At night, they in turn killed by the daughter of Baron – succubus whose birth – the result of an ancient family of Baron pact with Devil.

Review: A lot of you have no doubt seen this great flick,  one of my favorites, what a tremendous atmosphere that builds and builds, fans of 70’s Euro Horror, please grab this, yes, there aren’t any subtiltles but the English dub track is pretty good,   enjoy.

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