The Dunwich Horror (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: Daniel Haller
Actors: Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley, Lloyd Bochner, Sam Jaffe and Talia Shire
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Terror en Dunwich, Horreur à volonté, Horror w Dunwich, Voodoo Child

Description: Needless to say that the original Lovecraft story has undergone substantial processing to become more attractive to the public in the process of owning a standard attributes classic horror film with one hand, and on the other – were filled with plenty of spirit of the seventies with all its consequences . In fairness, recognize that , unlike previous attempts to translate on the screen fantasy writer in the ” Dunwich Horror” easily guessed storylines story . The only problem is their interpretation , as well as irrepressible fantasy writers who have decided that for the full cinematographic available- fable collisions will not be sufficient . The result is a strange love story behind the production. Element for Lovecraft’s prose essentially alien , but with perseverance worthy of a better writers invariably injected in their adaptation. It is sad that at a very laudable care about the characters , whom so persistently impose love interests , the authors in no way concerned about the fact that the on-screen incarnation of this noble feeling looked at least somewhat convincing. Where irrepressible fantasy writer wins over common sense invariably arise absurd actions of the characters , bordering pathological idiocy. In ” Dunwich Horror” actions of the heroes that lie beyond the bounds of common sense , all are common place , even when it was not an irrational in nature sensuality. But leave the plot inconsistencies on the conscience writers and turn to the other components of the film under consideration .

Extremely curious manner of shooting Hailler chosen to create special color of a picture . He refuses favorite fisheye lens falls into the opposite extreme, this time abusing mega- plans. Abundance of the latter is particularly clearly seen in the beginning of the film , where it would seem , to resort to the expressionistic effects there is no need . Operator actively uses specific , fairly unusual angles, which is not even being artistically justified , look quite advantageous. However, the main finding creative film is undoubtedly a ” first-person ” invisible monster , whose family Whately until then contained in a locked room in the attic and who , escaping to freedom , makes the city a number of atrocities , deservedly called Dunwich horror. Caustic color toned negative image , apparently perceived as a kind of filmmakers and revolutionary discovery occurred in the frame with a fair regularity. Of course, the image of his son Yog- Sothoth filmmakers have had neither the means nor the technical possibilities , therefore, in the frame , it appears only in the final, for a short time ( thank the gods ) , though even in this ridiculous episode head plastered snakes made of papier-mache, is strongly associated with early experiments Méliès .

Let’s not forget about the music accompanying narration . Replaced the traditional twelve-tone sequence, often seasoned with sinister howling terminvoksa in ” Dunwich Horror” written by Les Baxter comes utterly contemptible trendy tune leitmotif pervades even the most sinister episodes picture. What made films authors opt for such uncharacteristic tune remains a mystery.

At the same time , the film collected a very good-looking ensemble cast . ” Dunwich horror” was the last work of the deceased shortly after the completion of filming Oscar winner Ed Begley . The main character in the film played a young Dean Stockwell , handle the role convincingly enough , though in some scenes looked the more comical ( but to lay the blame for this on the actor would not be fair ) . It is curious that after thirty -nine years Stockwell happened to visit again in the Massachusetts godforsaken town , but already on the set of television production story , where he played the role of the main antagonist of the sinister sorcerer Wilbur Whately

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