The Ecstasies of Women (1969) watch online


Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Stars: Walter Camp, Bonnie Clark, Dee Howard
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: Harry is a man whose friends throw him night-long bachelor party on the eve of him getting married. Harry flashes back to his many female “conquests” with the go-go dancers that remind him of his many past lovers.

Prolific ladies man Harry (likable Walter Camp) is about to get hitched, so his pals throw him an all-night stag party at a go-go bar on the eve of Harry tying the knot. During said bash Harry reminisces about all his past female conquests.

Writer/director Herschell Gordon Lewis relates the enjoyably racy premise at a steady pace, maintains an engaging lighthearted tone throughout (the dialogue is rife with cornball double entendres), and delivers an awesome abundance of spot-on smokin’ female nudity and fairly hot simulated sex complete with seriously pervy dubbed-in heavy breathing. The gals are all quite sexy and attractive: Delicious Dee Howard and tasty buxom babe Antoinette Maynard as a couple of delectable go-go dancers, lovely Sharon Matt as tantalizing (and possibly underage) fox Philomena, fetching brunette Jeanette Mills as barroom pick-up Annette Flowers, ravishing redhead Eleanor Riggs as perky swinging bar maid Kitty, and yummy Vincene Wallace as assertive beach bunny Sandy. However, busty and vibrant blonde Bonnie Clark easily steals the show with her winningly spunky portrayal of bubbly free-spirited hippie chick Summer Frenzy. The static, yet competent cinematography by Lewis provides an appealing bright look. William Allen Castleman’s mellow jazz score hits the get-down groovy spot. A real solid adults only outing.

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