The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago (1969) watch online

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Directed by: Greg Corarito
Stars:  John Alderman, Maria Lease, James E. Myers
Language: English
Country:  USA

Also known as : The Fabulous Kid from Chicago, The (Sexy) Chicago Kid, Ässä lahkeessa

Description: Story of a bootlegger who sends his sexy dame to his rival to get precious information, but the plan backfires when the bootlegger’s daughter is raped.

John Alderman stars as Steve Desmond, the gad about town who has a series of mobsters on his back.

As with any production that has Dave Friedman involved there is a huge amount of T and A and even Gherkin sex!

A heady mix of roughie explotation and a nudie, all in the mix with a Bonnie and Clyde inspired duo (Steve and Nancy) that forge a bond in filth and shared resentment for “Fats” the guy that has paid to have Steve and Nancy killed.

Highly enjoyable, from an age when smut was good and healthy

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