The Fifth Cord (1971) watch online


Directed by: Luigi Bazzoni
Actors: Franco Nero, Silvia Monti, Wolfgang Preiss and Ira von Fürstenberg
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Giornata nera per l’ariete, Evil Fingers, Ein schwarzer Tag für den Widder, Journée noire pour un bélier

Description: Andrea Bild (Franco Nero) is a cynical journalist drowning in a sea of alcohol.He routinely slaps around his sexy on again-off again girlfriend (Pamela Tiffin)and has a running feud with his editor. After a night of drinking at a trendyclub Bild becomes indirectly involved in an attempted murder. Assigned toinvestigate he becomes the prime suspect when several of the club’s patronssuddenly turn up dead, a black glove with a missing finger alongside each corpse.It seems that the victims were all there that fateful night and Bild is questionedclosely by the lead inspector (Wolfgang  Preiss). The journalist had casual contactwith the victims, and as we learn, saw the killer, but he’s not sure how to put itall together. A series of threatening phone calls of an eerie taped voice arethreatening his estranged wife and child. Will Bild be the next victim? Or is heactually the killer?

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