The Flesh and the Fiends (1960) watch uncensored


This is UNCUT and UNCENSORED HD Remastering version by
What Difference :
The Continental version included on the Image DVD contains alternate topless takes of clothed scenes in the UK theatrical release and also restores some cuts for violence that were made by the BBFC. The differences are as follows:

  • In a tavern scene with Burke and Hare, a female extra allows her blouse to slip revealing her breasts while B&H are talking (in the UK print the blouse doesn’t slip)
  • When Billie Whitelaw takes John Cairney up to her room she has a brief conversation at the foot of the stairs with a woman by an open door. In the UK print this woman is clothed – In the continental print her breasts are exposed.
  • The murder of the old woman is slightly differently edited and more explicit in the Continental print (additional close-ups of her being smothered by Hare’s hand).
  • When Cairney goes into the brothel and confronts Whitelaw various of the extras are topless in the continental version (but clothed in the UK print). The Continental print also features a couple of unique shots preceding this of topless revelry.
  • The murder of Daft Jamie is slightly extended and more violent
  • The Continental version has a close-up of Burke’s face when he is hanged which is missing from the UK print (presumably a BBFC cut).


Directed by: John Gilling
Stars: Peter Cushing, June Laverick, Donald Pleasence
Language: English
Country: Uk | Imdb Info

Also known as: Psycho Killers, The Fiendish Ghouls

Description : Edinburgh 1828: Dr Knox (Peter Cushing) is a brilliant anatomist whose techniques are well ahead of their time. He refuses to conform to the rules of the medical establishment and is constantly at loggerheads with his colleagues and the medical council over his ethics.

He is, however, enormously popular with his students at the Academy who always attend his lectures in large numbers. In his quest to further the progress and knowledge of his profession, Dr Knox is forced to employ body snatchers or “resurrection men” to supply him with the corpses he needs for his research. Two local drunken lay abouts, William Burke (George Rose) and William Hare (Donald Pleasance), out to make a fast buck, are only too happy to oblige by murdering local people and then selling their bodies on to the doctor. It isn’t long, however, before two of his colleagues, Dr Mitchell (Dermot Walsh) and a young medical student called Jackson (John Cairney), begin to suspect what Burke and Hare are up to and they confide their suspicions in Dr Knox.

But, due to his dedication to his work, he is not concerned about how his raw materials are acquired and refuses to inform the police. But, things begin to go wrong for the murderous pair after Jackson’s girlfriend, a local prostitute called Mary Paterson (Billie Whitelaw), becomes their latest victim. When Jackson confronts them, he too is murdered. But after they kill a mentally ill but well liked teenager called Jamie (Melvyn Hayes), they are hunted down by a mob and put on trial for murder. Hare turns king’s evidence against Burke whom is subsequently hanged but, although the former gets his freedom, he is met by angry locals who burn his eyes out.

What will the consequences of all this mean for Dr Knox?

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