The French Sex Murders (1972) watch online


Directed by: Ferdinando Merighi
Stars: Anita Ekberg, Rosalba Neri and Evelyne Kraft, Barbara Bouchet
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as:   Casa d’appuntamento

Description:  Madame Colette runs a very swanky upper class house of ill repute. One night, crazy Gavalles seemingly kills Francine, one of the more popular prostitutes. He swears he is innocent. Still, a high-powered judge sentences him to death. Gavalles swears revenge on all concerned.

This one has a truly bizarre murder plot involving a jewel heist,an all-knowing-all-seeing medium,a brothel,hooded killers,a mad scientist,incredibly sexy women butchered in gruesome ways,incest,human eyeball fondling and a professional Humphrey Bogart look-a-like brilliantly played by Robert Sacchi.The female cast is full of Italian beauties including Anita Ekberg,Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri.The killings are surprisingly violent and gory in true giallo-style,including throat-slashings and decapitations,but most surprising is the innovative camera-work associated with the death scenes.Each murder is replayed four times in a quick and continuous sequence where the colour of the lighting is changed for each replay.There is also plenty of sleaze and nudity for fans of Eurohorror to enjoy.

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