The Goddaughter (1972) watch Nunsploitation


NSFW ! Exclipt Porn Scenes !!!

Directed by: Donn Greer
Actors: Tracy Handfuss, John Paul Jones, Diana Hardy
Language: English
Country: USA

Description:“THE GODDAUGHTER” … “She Made Him an Offer He Couldn’t Refuse!”

The Godfather is a “sissy”, and the “Mob” bumps him off. Since the old man has already passed away, his daughter, “Sonny” Carrione and Tommie Fagan, the “consigliori”, of the Family,-must find a replacement! It is then that the “Enforcer”, Lucy Brassiere, remembers the old Godfather, Don Carlos, had mentioned a child named Tony, born out of wedlock and left with an old Priest, in a monastery in Sardinia. They send for Tony and set up a by’ meeting with the rival Don’s, in their newly acquired Strip Hotel in Las Vegas, to meet the new Godfather.

There’s last one problem;-the new “Godfather” arrives in a Nuns Habit-and her name is Toni, and she is truly one of the Gods daughters!

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