The Grapes of Death (1978) watch online uncut horror


Directed by: Jean Rollin
Actors: Marie-Georges Pascal, Félix Marten and Brigitte Lahaie
Language: French (English Subs)
Country: France

Also known as: Les raisins de la mort | Pesticide | The Raisins of Death | The Village of the Living Dead | The Village of the Living Dead | As Uvas da Morte

Description: Welcome to the surreal world of Jean Rollin… The director of such famous movies as Lips of Blood and Nude Vampire. Yet another classic of horror and eroticism… Featuring the beautiful Brigitte Lahaie, beautiful scenery, bizarre sounds, Jean Rollin styled violence and a tragic love story, how could it go wrong??

A woman (Marie-George Pascal) takes a train ride. Her friend is killed by a crazed man, and she wanders into grape country, where people who drink wine become zombies and kill each other. A man kills his (topless) daughter with a pitchfork, and a (topless) woman is crucified and decapitated. I think some men die too. Zombies laugh, cry, and say “je t’aime” while killing. Brigittie Lahaie, who lives in the mayor’s house amd walks two big dogs, appears normal. A couple of guys who shoot zombies are all right because the drank beer! The bits of organ music sound pretty goofy.

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