The Head Mistress (1968) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Byron Mabe
Stars: Julia Blackburn, Marsha Jordan, Ray Sebastian
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: The Head Lady

Description: Sleazy but tame semi-comical soft porn set some time in the past follows a horny young man who applies to work as the gardener in the local school for female students. The students in this girlschool are very libidinous and like to frolic around topless all the time. They are more than glad that there’s finally a vigorous young man there and he soon begins to service the school in more ways than one.

The head mistress of the girlschool is an attractive man-hating tyrant who has a lesbian affair with one of her students. When the student in question becomes accidentally pregnant with the gardener’s child, she can’t bare the shame and hangs herself. The head mistress finds her, breaks down, caresses her dead body and swears vengeance against the gardener. She punishes the frolicking students and forces one of them to become her new lover. She tells her about horrible things that happened to her in her youth that made her hate all men and sends someone to try to take care of the gardener.

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