The Holy Mountain (1973) watch uncut

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Directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Actors: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Horacio Salinas, Zamira Saunders
Language: English
Country: Mexico | USA

Also known as:La montaña sagrada, A Montanha Sagrada, A szent hegy, Holy Mountain, La montagna sacra, La montagne sacrée, Montana Sacra – Der heilige Berg, Swieta góra, The Sacred Mountain

Description: Christ freed from the shackles and appears in a modern city, the focus of human vices, the cult of death and sex. Here he falls into a mysterious esoteric school of magicians. There are also young and depraved life of the characters from the entire solar system. Guru and his disciples are sent to the Sacred Mount, home to nine sages who know the secret of immortality …

Worthy only of a surprise that such a strange and unusual picture could appear by us in the 80s on a pirate video market. Alejandro Jodorowsky or Alexandro (born in Chile, comes from a family of circus with the Russian-Polish roots) is known as a master of surrealism, avant-garde, absurdist art. He became famous, first of all, the movie “The Mole” (1971), based on the extravagant talk of the Old Testament. This success has drawn attention to the individual 42-year-old director even in the U.S., where his film “The Mole” was the subject of a cult among intellectuals. Just with the support of American philanthropists Jodorowsky took two years painting “The Holy Mountain” – a new, modernist, technical and confusing, outrageous variation on the theme of ancient legends, beliefs and rituals.

The main character that looks like Christ, but is named in the credits as a thief, meets with a certain Alchemist (played by the director himself), an expert on Zen teachings and space (by the way, Jodorowsky week before filming was sitting on a starvation diet and taking a course of lectures masters Zen Buddhism). A group of the most selective philosophising villains allegedly seven planets forming a commune students who have purposed to climb the Holy Mountain, to find the secret of immortality.

However, the story of this film still has a small value. The main thing for Alejandro Jodorowsky – surreal imagery, provocative reinterpretation of the various religious dogmas, moral precepts and human values. At times, the “Holy Mountain” begins to seem almost a parody, but, unfortunately, this director is not enough subtle sense of humor Luis Bunuel, the great surrealist, not so much in form as well as by the spirit and way of thinking.

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