The Hot Bed (1965) watch online


Directed by: Harry Epstein
Stars: Josette, De Ann, Stephen Pappas
Language: English
Country: Usa

DescriptionOutrageous sexathon in which Eddie Stud enlists stripper Fanny Bangs to smuggle some drugs over the border. An informer’s tip to the feds sends Eddie into hiding, holding orgies in seedy hotel rooms. Fanny gets into the kinky scene, too, finding arousal with Eddie and another gal in wild lesbian liaisons.

If you’re a softcore porn fan who has sat through the amateur-night stinkers THE WILD AND THE NAKED and PASSION IN THE SUN you’re ready for this followup, incorporating the same elements of strippers and lame chases.

Producer Charles Martinez, who liked to tack on the fake credit “Filmed South of the Border” at the end of these movies, injects another element here -tons of rock & roll as well as Latin music. It fails to tilt the balance from porn country but is diverting for anyone who dug rock circa “My Baby Does the Hanky Panky”.

An energetic stripper Josette (previous star of PASSION IN THE SUN, who gets to dance a lot here, with or without clothing on) portrays Fanny Bangs, a cryptic moll who agrees at the outset to fetch a package and bring it to her man Eddie “across state lines”. Turns out it contains a million bucks worth of drugs, not believable at all given the package’s small size and the fact that this is mid-’60s.

Plot is pretty much thrown to the winds in exchange for some boring sex scenes, dancing at the drop of a hot, and endless chasing around (cheaper than even in a vintage Fred Williamson movie like MR. MEAN). None of the characters make any sense at all, particularly De Ann or Jo Ann Dyke or whatever her name is, who when she isn’t making love to Josette is fighting with her, leading to very unconvincing fatal violence in the final reel.

Erstwhile director Dale Berry, who takes a back seat as writer-producer-supporting cast member here, chases the hero Stephen Pappas in and out of many stores just to kill off some running time -it’s all pretty embarrassing. And producer Martinez’s cinematography is atrocious, with post-production providing some horrible mismatching of light levels shot to shot. I can’t imagine how the editor (credited to Raymond Lear) survived the process of splicing together all this random footage. He seems to have freaked out a bit, throwing in a completely extraneous, nearly professional (uh, oh -WAY out of place) tango dance sequence midway through the proceedings.

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