The Howl (1968) Tinto Brass watch Rare Cult Movie


Directed by:  Tinto Brass
Actors: Tina Aumont, Gigi Proietti, Nino Segurini
Language: Italian – Subtitle: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: L’urlo, Krzyk, The Howl

This film was shot at the age of 36 Italian Director Tinto Brass, known only for erotic pictures. And at the end of 60-ies he was an aesthete, an intellectual, an Iconoclast, a rebel, was among the cinematic elite. Here and “Howl”, which even participated in the competition of the prestigious film festival in West Berlin in 1970 (two years later, Brass was a member of the jury!), has all the signs of a then fashionable in Italymovie contestatii“, quite the anarchist protest against bourgeois society. Avant-garde, shocking challenge and surrealistic, absurd manner not supported by either a coherent plot, nor full-blooded characters. A young hero-the protagonist named Kozo passes through the circles of modern hell that is supposed to beget in the soul of every viewer cry of indignation. But the tape is hopelessly outdated, there is not a grain of sincerity, emotions, fervor, what distinguishes othercontestatory” works even more young authors (Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Bellocchio, Salvatore Samperi, etc.). There is only following the now-forgotten fashion, some speculatively in the servefried facts”. However, if in General to formulate the essence of all works of Tinto Brass, the speculation on short-term developments will be the best feature of his work

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