The Invisible Woman (1969) watch online


Directed by: Paolo Spinola
Stars: Giovanna Ralli, Carla Gravina, Anita Sanders
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English (embed)
Country: Italy

Also known as: La donna invisibile

Description:  About the fading relationship between a professor and his wife. Based upon a short story by Alberto Moravia.

The slim plot involves Laura, a woman married to a respected college professor, who feels herself becoming so marginalized in her marriage as to be, as the Italian title states, invisible. Of course, it isn’t helped that there’s a quasi-predatory redhead with a pixie living in their stately home, ostensibly a cousin, but really just trying to have her way with the husband and wife. Or that’s what she thinks anyway; the underlying theme is that her perceptions are often at odds with the reality of the situation. (Hence the alternate U.S. title of THE FANTASIES OF A SENSUOUS WOMAN)

As implied by the above summary, there are lots and LOTS of silences that I suppose are for dramatic tension, but just play badly. All of the characters are appropriately affluent, elegant, and bored; there is an even slimmer subplot about student rioting against the bourgeouisie, represented by Laura’s professor husband, and how intrigued by the rebellion, she has an afternoon quickie with one such rebel. Maybe there was more to this that got cut by the American distributor, but ultimately, it gets abandoned. You could say this movie dramatizes the lives of the people who were at the EYES WIDE SHUT orgy outside of that castle. Unfortunately, those lives are not terribly interesting.

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