The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (1964) watch online

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Directed by: Jesús Franco
Stars: Hugo Blanco, Agnès Spaak, Perla Cristal
Language: English
Country: France

Also known as: El secreto del Dr. Orloff , The Secret of Dr. Orloff, Les maîtresses du Docteur Jekyll, Le amanti del dr. Jekyll, Dr. Jekyll’s Mistresses, The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Orloff’s Monster, Brides of Dr. Jekyll

Description: A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his murderous plans.

The teenager Melissa travels from her small town in Austria with the Spanish Juan Manuel, who flirts with her, to the creepy castle of her uncle Dr. Conrad Jekyll in Holfen to spend Christmas with him and her aunt Inglud. Melissa’s father Andros has mysteriously died at the house of his brother Conrad sometime ago. Now she has just reached majority and Conrad intends to transfer the inheritance to her. Melissa is received by the servant Ciceron and she meets the strange Inglud. Then she meets Conrad in his laboratory, where he secretly carries out a sinister experiment. Melissa wants to get information about the death of her father but she is ignored by Conrad and Inglud. In the past, Andros and Inglud had a love affair and Conrad surprised them and killed Andros. Now, Conrad has turned Andros into a killer zombie controlled by ultrasonic radio wave and uses him to kill women with easy life. Inspector Klein is investigating the murders but has no clue. Will Melissa find the truth …

Nice gothic horror movie with early touches of Jesus Franco‘s style

Although made on a shoestring budget and as a sequel to The Awfull Dr. Orloff, this is a very enjoyable flick and a fine example of early Southern European horror. It’s actually better than it’s predecessor.

The plot is not real important (it contains a zombie-like creature, a castle and a mad scientist). What makes this movie is the mood, the often beautiful camera-angles, the art direction and the hints of later Franco movies.

For example, there’s several scenes with women performing, often in erotic scenes, with men watching – which is exactly the kind of voyeuristic cinema Franco would turn to in later years (Vampyros Lesbos, Demoniac).

There’s – of course – quite some nudity, which must have been considered quite risque in 1964. And there’s a small cameo for the director himself, as a pianist who seems to be blind…..

Also of interest is the use of electronic devices used to make the zombie a murderous weapon, they give a strange effect to the movie and reminded me of early 50’s sci-fi B-movies.

All in all, recommended for Franco fans and b/w horrormovie fans. If you’ve never seen a Franco I suggest starting with Vampyros Lesbos or Female Vampire.

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  1. The screencaps are misleading. This is the censored version. .There is no nudity! Please upload the actual uncut version..Thanks in advance!

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