The Murder Mansion (1972) watch uncut


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Directed by: Francisco Lara Polop
Stars: Evelyn Stewart, Ida Galli, Analía Gadé, Lisa Leonardi
Language: English
Country: Italy | Spain | Imdb Info

Also known as: La mansión de la niebla, Maniac Mansion, The Scream, Exorcism Mansion

Description: Finishing all of their chores for the day,a group of motorist struggle to get back home,when a thick fog completely covers the main roads to the city.Slowly realising that they have no chance at all to get through the fog,each of the drivers are “guided” by a mysterious man at the side of a country road,who advises them to spend the night at a near by mansion,until the fog has cleared.

Getting close to the mansion,each of them discovers,that to reach the mansion they must walk through a grave yard.Walking through the yard quickly,each of the motorist are horrified to find an old woman,and a zombie car driver chasing after them!

Arriving to the mansion,they each discover,that they are in fact,not the only motorist stranded for the night.As the group attempts to settle in for the night,the owner of the mansion suddenly appears.Making each of them very happy,after saying that she is more than happy for all of them to stay the night,the woman does not help to calm nerves,when she tells all of them,the she suspects that the man and woman that they each saw at the grave yard,were actually her mum,and her mothers driver,who both died in a terrible crash near the cemetery decades ago!.With nerves now massively shaken,each of them starts heading to a bed.Suddenly,one of them is heard screaming.

Rushing to find out whats happened,the group find that one of them has disappeared,which causes them to all suspect that the mother and her driver may have left the grave yard,and are now hiding in the mansion.

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