The Naughty Victorians An Erotic Tale of a Maidens Revenge (1975)


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Directed by: Robert Sickinger
Stars: Susan Sloan, Beerbohn Tree, Angel Barrett
Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description:  Haughty Alice is in for a surprise as she reluctantly takes refuge in the residence of her fiance, Jack. She finds her maidenhead taken from her, and is surprised to discover she likes it! Alice willingly assists Jack as they explore new escapades with unwitting victims.

One of the classier pictures coming from the porno chic era is an adaptation of a novel about Jack, a very naughty Victorian who has an elaborate “snuggle” room full of contraptions that he uses on the unsuspecting fiance Alice, who he claims to be a prick tease.

This one is more light bondage than hardcore adult, and it does a great job in actually being erotic. The opening scene takes its time to go through the paces, lingering on every detail which is a great setup for the things to come. Susan Sloan and Beerbohm Tree are both legit great as the leads, and they really carry the film.

Add in some really good production quality to make New York look like England with a large side of humour and this one is a genuine winner. Some may be turned off by it’s slower, closer to softcore at points, pace but if you accept is an erotic story instead of a typical hardcore porn, you should get something out of it.

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