The Nurse in the Military Madhouse (1979) watch online


Directed by: Mariano Laurenti
Stars: Nadia Cassini, Lino Banfi, Paolo Giusti
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: L’infermiera nella corsia dei militari, Der Idiotenzwinger

Description: A story about a singer/showgirl who poses as a nurse to find some stolen paintings, which have been hidden in a military insane asylum.

When it came to low-brow Italian sex comedy, Nadia Cassini was probably the third most famous actress in 1970’s Italy after Edwige Fenech and Gloria Guida. But unlike with the other two, none of her movies has yet received a legitimate English-language DVD release. Physically, the three actresses were quite different–Fenech was big-breasted and voluptuous, Guida was a petulant Lolita, while Cassina had a lithesome dancer’s body (she, unfortunately, does one horrid disco song and dance number here)–but what they all had in common though was an ability to constantly lose their clothing and drive men everywhere mad with lust.

In this film, Cassini is a singer/showgirl who poses as a nurse to recover some stolen paintings, which for some reason are hidden in a military insane asylum.Lino Banfi (who else?) plays the head doctor. He’s hot to get in the new nurse’s panties because his own wife (Nieves Navarro) is both frigid and perpetually naked. (He tries to give her a Chinese aphrodisiac at one point, but his plan goes awry and he ends up being cuckolded bothby Alvaro Vitali and a delivery boy who’s even more unattractive than Vitali or Banfi). Vitali, wearing an afro fright-wig, plays a painter who I think is one of the patients, but he is somehow able nevertheless to land Carmen Russo (a real-life Italian version of “Jessica Rabbit”) as his “nude model”. (I think this movie sets some kind of record for casting really hot women and really ugly guys). Rounding out the cast is future porn star Karin Schubert as the mistress of Cassini’s art thief employer.

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