The Only House in Town (1971) watch uncut

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Directed by: Edward D. Wood Jr.
Stars: Uschi Digard, Ron Polkee, Neola Graef, Paul Sine, Jane Tsentas, Lynn Harris, Marv Murray
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: There’s very little plot to this sexploitation film. The first scene has a woman being chased by some hippies to a room where she is gang raped. We follow this up with various scenes of orgies that contain very little story.

One thought on “The Only House in Town (1971) watch uncut

  1. Some of Ed Wood’s films are actually quite entertaining, but this sex movie is a shambles, The first part of the film looks like it’s going to have a plot, but degenerates into an endless orgy of nudity and simulated sex. Skip to the last half of the movie where we get three scenes featuring the super-stacked Swedish sex symbol Uschi Digard (billed here as Mischka Valkaro). In the first one she is the unwilling sexual partner of a ruffian, but gets to have a more romantic romp in the next scene with a smitten boyfriend. In the final scene she has a lesbian encounter with a busty blonde. A 69-minute hardcore version is said to exist somewhere (maybe).
    As things stand, the only reason to watch this is the incomparable Uschi (“When I started to develop at 11 I had to strap myself in, because it wasn’t seemly to have breasts, and we all wore uniforms. By age 15 I was a 40DD”).

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