The Ramrodder (1969) watch UNCUT


Year: 1969
Duration: 01:28:49
Directed by: Van Guylder (alias for Ed Forsyth)
Actors: Roger Gentry, Kathy Williams, Robert Aiken
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Cattle Riggers | Le totem du sexe | Ramrodder | Savage Passion

Description: Rick, a cowpoke, meets an Indian tribe filled with beautiful maidens. Eventually he and the chief’s daughter, Tuwana (Kathy WilliamsInvitation to Ruin and Love Camp 7), fall in love.
However, when another of the tribe’s girl is assaulted and raped by a bum, Rick becomes guilty at the eyes of the tribe and must escape their desire for revenge.

As much of a strong western and , The Ramrodder is a part of the best tradition of  the nudie westerns that came out during the 1960s.

Cowboy Rick,on his way to visit his sweetheart, encounters a bevy of beautiful Indian maidens and dallies with one of them. Later, when one of the girls is murdered by a passing no-good, the tribe falsely blames Rick and sentences him to die. But Tuwanna, the chief’s daughter with whom Rick, um, dallied, has other ideas.

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