The Red Monks (1988) watch online


Directed by: Gianni Martucci
Actors: Gerardo Amato, Lara Wendel, Malisa Longo and Chuck Valenti
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: I frati rossi, Sexorgien der roten Mönche

Description: A newlywed couple move into an old Italian castle.Soon the wife becomes suspicious of the husband’s constant disappearances deep into the environs of their new home and decides to investigate.She discovers that in her home exists an ancient evil cult of devil worshipping monks.Descendants of the Knights Templar,this secret society of Satanists perform their diabolical rituals in the castle’s catacombs and seek out the blood of virgins to complete their sacrificial killings.”The Red Monks” by Gianni Martucci is a pretty boring horror film.This forgettable satanic horror is surprisingly low on gore or scares:the only saving grace of it is a decent amount of female nudity.The special effects are crude and amateurish and the performances are mediocre at their best.Give it a look only if you are a rabid Fulci completist.

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