The Return of the Exorcist (1975) watch uncut

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Directed by: Franco Lo Cascio,  Angelo Pannacciò
Actors: Richard Conte, Françoise Prévost, Patrizia Gori, Jean-Claude Vernè
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Un urlo dalle tenebre, Naked Exorcism, The Possessor, Gehuil in de duisternis, L’oeil de la colère, Des cris dans la nuit, Lucifer: El ángel maldito, Manaaja 3 – riivaajan paluu, Bacchanales infernales, Hurlements dans les ténèbres, Un cri dans les ténèbres, Exorkistis No 2, Ekusoshisuto 3, O Anjo Maldito,The Exorcist III: Cries and Shadows

Description: Student Peter finds vintage locket devil is evil. Peter medallion burns the skin, when he touches it. However, a student hangs his discovery on his neck and wears his pain. Peter behavior gradually starts to get worse. Peter possessed by the devil …

Review: A teenager take a photo of a mysterious naked woman near a waterfall and also finds a strange amulet in the same area of the woods, the woman doesn’t appear in the photo after he develops it, as it turns out, the woman is a succubus summoned by a orgy-tastic satanic cult, and soon the teenage becomes possessed by the succubus and slashes a few girls throats and seduce/rapes a closet lesbian nun who is taking care of the ill teen, and other devil-possession gimmicks (floating bed, spitting up blood, monster voice, ect.) The strange cursed amulet also burns a symbol into his chest, soon an exorcist is called in to relieve the teenager from his devil possession blues.

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