The Rogue (1971) watch online uncut


Directed by: Boro Draskovic
Stars: Barbara Bouchet, Margaret Lee, Milan Galovic
Language: English
Country: Yugoslavia

Also known as: Nokaut, Instant Success, Donne sopra, femmine sotto, Blondes in Black Leather

DescriptionScourged by the need to be different from his contemporaries and driven by an insatiable hunger for adventurous living, Marko, a young man of 25, returns from America where he has spent a few years. He wants to impress people in his native town, but eventually everything turns against him.

The scoring may be a little generous but I’m a sucker for films of this period that are, well so, of the period. It is clear pretty early on this is not really going anywhere and we can just relax and enjoy the flesh and music, taking in the occasional distraction. Some of these asides seem rather ‘real’ and the authoritarian hair cutting of a group of youngsters a bit scary. One has to be aware here that there were many in the fragile union, that was Yugoslavia, not at all keen on the western influences ‘infecting’ their young and the contrast between the poor, traditional locals and the whiskey drinking, hippy loving young was vast. So for the most part this is a carefree, sexy super early 70s movie but there is a darker background and when the tale is infused with an aborted drug deal, the only way is down. Great performances and a most interesting film that seems to capture an aspect of the time perfectly.

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