The Scavengers (1969) watch online


Directed by: Lee Frost
Actors: John Bliss, Maria Lease, Michael Divoka, Roda Spain
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Ambush, Die Aasgeier, I symmoria ton arpahtikon, Lännen haaskalinnut, Les scavengers, Nascondi la tua donna, Rebel Vixens, Renegade Raiders, Saatanat. Tosi hurja joukko, The Grabbers, Tombstone Territory

Description: The movie is about the period only months after the Civil War ended. A Southern captain never told his men that the war was over, so they go on with their killing and raping. They go to a place where the Yankees will pass with a gold transport and they wait for a chance to get the gold. They expect 300.000 dollars, but the actual amount is much less, somewhere around 2400 dollars. The captain tortures a soldier and rapes his future wife and her (black) servant till he will tell where the rest of the gold is. (Of course, it isn’t there. They only transported lots of gold during the War and the war is over now.) Directed by Lee Frost, the author of Love Camp 7 and Chain Gang Women

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