The Sexually Liberated Female (1970) watch online


Directed by: Matt Cimber
Stars: Lindis Guinness, Jan Davis, Pete Dawson
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description:¬†Writer/Director Matt Cimber pokes wickedly witty fun at the basic educational white coater crock doc that uses the premise of being “educational” basically as a flimsy excuse to expose oodles of bare distaff skin and depict sexual intercourse in all its graphic glory.

Posh Brit-accented Lindis Guinness makes for a suitably sultry and attractive hostess as she guides us on an eye-opening tour of female sexuality and the female body. Among the subjects covered herein are fellatio (use the tongue and be careful with those teeth!), sunbathing, bubble baths, belly dancing, self massages, sodomy, masturbation (one lady pleasures herself with such vegetables as a carrot, a cucumber, and even a radish!), and pelvic exercises done to increase sexual stimulation.

Naturally, there’s plenty of nudity from a decidedly mixed bag of gals. (A bunch of guys go full monty, too!). The bouncy lounge score keeps things bubbling along. Considering that some of the subject matter touched upon includes such ridiculous stuff as fondling lamps and getting intimate with an apple, it’s obvious that Cimber isn’t taking this silly tosh seriously for a minute.

An absolute hoot.

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