The Sin Syndicate (1965) watch vintage erotica


Directed by: Michael Findlay
Stars: Yolanda Moreno, June Roberts, Darlene Bennett
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: Zero Girls, Jazz Me, Baby

Description: At a Senate crime hearing, four young girls testify as to how, shortly after their arrival in New York, they became “zero girls,” also known as “party girls”.

Passable skin flick stars the quartet of Yolanda Moreno (as Dolores), June Roberts (as Candy), Darlene Bennett (as Monica), and Judy Adler (as Lorna). Fate has turned these ladies into “zero girls”, or “party girls”, used and abused by “the Syndicate”. The story set-up has them testifying before a Senate committee, where they each spin a yarn describing their journeys to their present situations.

The prolific Michael Findlay strikes again with this watchable trash. Attempts to be somewhat arty mix with some utter crudity, such as the incredibly poor dubbing. The music and the stark black & white photography help to make it reasonably atmospheric. One very amusing thing that Findlay does to pad the running time is to utilize copious stock footage of the Cuban Revolution, the London Blitz, and the bombing of a battleship. The movie only runs an hour and five minutes even with this padding, so it could have been quite brief indeed.

“The Sin Syndicate” is really all about the girl watching, and our very attractive cast indulge in some protracted dance routines. There’s also some very uncomfortable scenes of torture, and, blessedly, a gratuitous lesbian shower sequence right near the end that makes it all worthwhile. “Does this make us lesbians?” “No, we’re just tired of men.”

Four young ladies reveal how they all became prostitutes in New York City at a congressional hearing. Director Michael Findlay keeps the engrossingly sordid story moving along at a steady pace, makes neat use of seedy urban locations, maintains an appropriately tawdry tone throughout, tosses in stock footage of both the Cuban revolution and the bombing of London during World War II in order to pad out the running time to a reasonable length, and offers plenty of hilariously obvious post-sync dubbing. Moreover, this trashy flick sure doesn’t skimp on the yummy cheesecake: We’ve got a fetching blonde belly dancer doing a sultry number at a stag party, several sexy strippers strutting their sizzling stuff on stage, and two gals take a shower together. It definitely helps that the voluptuous Yolanda Moreno, comely Judy Adler, slinky June Roberts, and delicious Darlene Bennett are all super easy on the eyes. The spirited library music hits the stirring spot. Findlay’s rough black and white cinematography provides a suitably scroungy look. A satisfying serving of soft-core sleaze.

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