The Story of Joanna (1975) watch uncut


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Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Stars: Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall, Zebedy Colt, Juliet Graham, Gerard Damiano
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Also known as: The World of Joanna

Description: What’s better – Sex that springs from love or love that springs from pure sex? Joanna is a bizarre tale of sensual emotion based on the hypothesis that love is, in its purest form, totally uninterested. Jason finds Joanna, innocent and beautiful, and leads her into a maze of sexual depravity and despair. Jason takes Joanna from one sexual encounter to another, each more macabre and degrading than the previous one. She lets herself be led only by permission to love him. One night Jason promises to love Joanna in the stillness of the room. Instead, sends Griffin, his servant, instead. Together the two seek each other, not in love, but in sexual need.

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