The Student Teachers (1973) watch online


Directed by:  Jonathan Kaplan
Actors: Susan Damante, Brooke Mills, Brenda Sutton, Johnny Ray McGhee
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: College Coeds, Self-Service Schoolgirls

Description: Three friends, students, proceed for teaching at the school. Sonn they faced with the inertia and conservatism of the school management, as well as drug dealers and serial killer-rapist.

This is a memorable movie with lots of good parts. It doesn’t deserve a low rating just because it’s kind of cheezy. There are parts that aren’t so cheezy and have very intelligent things to say about society and tradition, namely the sex ed classes. You might think these female student teachers are just dumb stereotyped ditzes by looking at the cover, but they actually have good characters and personalities and are more intelligent than your average b-movie “hot” actress. It even has somewhat of a Pam Grier-type actress who really kicks ass. I laughed and I also was stirred with emotion at certain parts. I wanted to yell at that student high school principal and it was so relieving when the student teacher told him off. It’s just a refreshing movie, and I think it’s totally in good taste. The only people they make fun of really deserve it. Pretty decent acting, too. WATCH IT!

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