The Witchmaker (1969) watch online


Directed by: William O. Brown
Actors:  Anthony Eisley, Thordis Brandt, Alvy Moore
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: I seguaci di satana, La hechicera de la muerte, The Legend of Witch Hollow, The Witchmaster, Witchkill

Description: Investigate a series of murders of young women indicates that showed up in the swamps of Louisiana satanic sect leader that requires female blood for their occult rituals.

After four local girls are found, murdered, hung up downside down in tree, and drained of blood in a Louisians swamp , an intrepid documentary team comes to investigate. They’re actually a lot more intrepid than intelligent though because they decide to stay in an isolated cabin in the middle of the swamp with their only way in or out being a local yokel in a boat who promises to come back and get them in a week, but is incommunicado in the meantime.

One of the female members of the team is a “sensitive” who is attuned to witches and who had a grandmother who was an actual witch. The perpetrators turn out to be a female witch, Jessie, and a male “berserker”, Lucas, who maintain their youth by drinking human blood. They make short work of most of the team, but take special interest in the “sensitive” who they hope to add to their coven.

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