They Have Changed Their Face (1971) watch online


Directed by: Corrado Farina
Actors: Adolfo Celi, Geraldine Hooper, Giuliano Esperanti
Language: Italian (English subtitle)
Country: Italy

Also known as: Hanno cambiato faccia, Wettlauf gegen den Tod

Description:What do you think? Who nowadays has factories, Newspapers, steamships? Who invented the phrase, «advertising is an engine of trade»? Who benefits if the man’s place was taken by «consumer»? Who conducts and organizes seminars on «positive thinking»? Finally, someone to actually works all the great army «office plankton»? Italian Corrado Farina in his satirical Comedy «…They Have Changed Their Face» answers all these questions clearly and unambiguously: these mysterious «powers that be» are vampires. One of their bite and live, seeker, able to love and give the man turned into a Manager who does not know in this life nothing except a career. And the most terrible, nothing to do with the past, not having.

Terrible secret opens in front of a promising employee of the automobile company Alberto Valle in the day when he receives an invitation for a country Villa owner of the Corporation. Powerful magnate named Giovanni Nosferatu dwells on a secluded Villa in the mountains, surrounded by the villages with taciturn peasants. The road there is constantly covered by the fog of the manor itself is surrounded by abandoned Park and the ancient cemetery with dark crypts… Entourage of the «gothic-vampire». Here are just treats him Corrado Farina was liberal, twisting inside out and upside down. Because the vampires all these romantic «shocking» remained in the distant Bairon the past. Today, the house of Nosferatu is furnished with modern furniture using the latest technical achievements, but to its guests owner feels the effectiveness of advertising slogans. And at night, instead of black masses are held meetings of Directors and check on loyalty to the company, ending with psycho-trainings on the patterns of Carang. And the trouble him, if he happened to go into the surroundings of Villa Nosferatu – bite vampire will turn it into a ruthless careerist and will release a swim in the sea of the office of plankton.

Dr. Vallee, once in the vampire lair, naturally, struggle, and this struggle will occur in all the laws of horror movies: «terrible» squeaks and rustling in the night will abound, as well as the mysterious tombs, strange landscapes and all the rest of it according to the laws of the genre. The Director of the film “They Have Changed Their Face” himself does not deny, looking up at full speed. But when all this Corrado Farina forgets that the subject of his paintings is more suitable for the feuilleton (like the scenes in the Soviet cinema journal «Wick»), whereas for a feature-length film joke seems too protracted. Yes and it’s not funny to be honest. Maybe for the beginning of the seventies Farina and opened a new truth, but we are with you and without him know that international corporations created vampires, and all we have for them – only milch cows. Fight it – still, that fly flutter in the web… is bitter laugh not funny things.

Yes, and the Signor Farina after «…Hanno cambiato faccia» took quite stupid horror-comic «Baba Yaga» and seems to have left any attempts to bring modern vampires to clean water, at least in the movies, with a head having literary creativity.

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