Tomboy (1985) watch uncut


Directed by: Herb Freed
Actors: Betsy Russell, Gerard Christopher, Kristi Somers
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Levada da Breca, College in calore, Tomboy – Junge, was für ein Mädchen

Description: Girl Tommy will give odds to any boy. Rather than entertainment and visits, all the time she spends in the auto-workshop, because Tommy – gorgeous mechanic. But everything changes when she meets Randy stark, famous race car driver.

Review: By paintings gathering dust in stacks of folded rolls, somewhere in the back of contemporary film distribution , it is difficult to apply a positive or negative opinion . It will only fit a neutral , it is particularly understand after watching these tapes as Tomboy. To say that the film is bad – not bring as old movies , like the old music – either to watch and listen , or not. If every man to his own taste , the taste and color of the thirty-year old movie – sometimes not discuss with anyone.

This is a film from a small catalog distribution company Crown , is no better and no worse than the fellow on the list. It can still be found on the bus drives under the name of the ” Legends of the theater in the open air ,” and it is indeed very appropriate film for drive- ins , as the voids in these narratives abound – not even need commercial breaks . Open cola, a hamburger and have time to chew kiss – all this will be done without prejudice to the understanding of the story of Tommy girl , working as a projectionist and wanted to conquer the local king avtoreysinga .

Tape abounds old cars , motorcycles ancient , topless girls and meaningless secondary storylines. More or less well-known leading lady – Betsy Russell . It fell through its participation in the continuation of the famous kinoboevika eighties drama ” Angel .”

In general , the film is about nothing. But we agreed not strongly criticize the good old thrash , because surely for some of the American Teenager it is linked to the wonderful memories of first love .

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