Too Young to Die (1975) watch online


Directed by: Sergio Martino
Actors: Claudio Cassinelli, Mel Ferrer, Lia Tanzi
Language: English
Country: ITALY

Also known as: Extraña muerte de una menor,The Suspicious Death of a Minor

Description:Paolo Djerma learns that the city one of the rich men loves to indulge underage girls, and also runs the transfer of these girls to other countries in the same perverts. His eyes killer in black glasses starts to chase, and then already in the apartment kills one of the girls. Intrigued by this incident Djerma begins his own investigation, and the assistant itself taking local thief…

Review: Criminal plots in which a lone , but an honest cop fighting with a powerful underworld were popular at all times of the cinema and all (well, nearly all – of the USSR is not counted) countries. Typically in such films protagonist confronts almost indestructible system to take root into power, the law enforcement agencies in the higher realms of business, but a hero with more or less success overcomes all obstacles in its path , and either wins a complete victory by knockout (if we are dealing with Hollywood ) , either by hook or by crook makes criminals pay for their crimes ( as is the case in many European films competing for more realism ) . And since “Suspicious death of a minor ” is not enough that the European film , so also is made in Italy , it can be safely attributed to the second type , even before the opening credits . Especially because he shot Sergio Martino, which for all its virtues, good professional, a desire to move away from the pattern seen especially never , no matter what genre did not work. However, some zest to his painting , he has invested , otherwise it would be quite boring.

The highlight of this is the image of the main character – the same detective that not sparing the stomach comes on the warpath with the organized crime business. Inspector Paolo Germi by Claudio Cassinelli little resemblance to the brave characters Alain Delon and Jean -Paul Belmondo : intelligent four-eyes , not too fond of melee fights and prefers to build ingenious combination to catch the culprit is more like a character from the classic detective story than a crime thriller . In addition, the authors of the will has been put to him frankly comic figure of the ” companion of the hero ” – thieves Giannino , who willy- nilly, the inspector becomes involved in a case exposing the gang of traffickers underage girls , led by some big banker. For an idea of ​​what a banker needs this kind of business , in principle , the filmmakers prefer not to think . Well, he is a villain in life – that it take ?

However, if you do not pay attention to the flaws in the script and not too serious dramatic tone of the story (if not tragic ) stories , then Sergio Martino is to be commended . Even the most banal story , he was able to build up so that the action kept the audience in suspense until the very end. How to know if it were not for comedic elements would be ” suspicious death of a minor ” somehow is competitive . Still, at the disposal of the director was an actor the caliber of Franco Nero , who could draw on themselves , even the most boring scenario … And so, he did it quite watchable . And the sheep were left intact, and the wolves are fed : The harm suffered punishment , but the victory of good was not complete ( we’re not in Hollywood , remember?) , The audience was not bored , not spent a lot of money – what more do you want? Originality ?

With this , please feel free to someone else. Martino is always entertaining movie filmed just for fashionable topic. And nothing more.

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