Top Sensation aka The Seducers (1969) watch online


Directed by: Ottavio Alessi
Stars:  Rosalba Neri, Edwige Fenech, Eva Thulin
Language: English
Country:  Italy

Also known as:  The Seducers, Swinging Young Seductresses, Sklaven ihrer Triebe

Description: Attempting to cure her mentally handicapped son’s virginity, his mother and several friends embark on a cruise which strands them on nearly deserted island where lust and murder are on the menu!

This movie was obviously an influence on the later, more notorious “Island of Death” with it’s decadent European tourists despoiling an idyllic Greek island. But where the latter movie crosses the line into being repulsive and genuinely unpleasant, this movie is deliciously nasty, mainly due to the excellent acting of the three female leads. Maud de Belleroche is a hard-as-nails oil heiress who lures a greedy couple (the wife is Rosalba Neri) and a nymphomaniacal prostitute (Edwige Fenech)aboard her yacht (perversely wired with short-circuit cameras in every room) hoping that one of women will seduce her dimwitted son. It’s hard to imagine Neri and Fenech not being able to seduce ANYONE but they are both so incredibly, over-the-top sexy here it’s understandable that the kid wilts in their presence like a flower in blistering sunlight. He instead falls for an innocent shepherd girl (Ewe Thulin), so the two voluptuous golddiggers set their sights on seducing HER.

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