Toxic Love (1983) watch online


Directed by: Claudio Caligari
Stars: Cesare Ferretti, Michela Mioni, Enzo Di Benedetto
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Amore tossico

Description: The alienating and repetitive life of a group of heroin junkies in the 1980s Rome.

“Amore Tossico”(1983) directed by Claudio Caligari is an unforgettable and sometimes funny drugsploitation flick about a group of youthful drug addicts living in Ostia, a bleak seaport of Rome. Cesare Ferrari who plays long-haired Cesare died of AIDS in 1989. Almost all the characters in “Toxic Love” were real-life heroin addicts and this is the main reason why “Amore Tossico” is such an extraordinary little film.

The film looks painfully real. Teens desire heroin injections almost constantly, they led mundane lives of prostitution and/or armed robbery and all of them have battered veins. Some scenes in “Toxic Love” are downright disturbing and unforgettable like convulsing of Cesare’s girlfriend after using a bad mix of cocaine.

The climax is tragic and sad. If you liked “Requiem for a Dream”,”Trainspotting” or “Christiane F.” “Amore Tossico” will hit you hard.

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