Trapped in the House (1970) watch online


Stars: Jill Jameson
Language: English
Country: Usa

DescriptionA comedy romp based on the story of an older woman trying to protect the virtues of her young charges. As expected things don’t go quite as planned and some of the young men seeking attention from the girls go to extremes.

This is what used to be commonly called a “comedy romp” but without the romp. Stillborn sex movie is a time-passer, typical of the product released during the soft-core era by low-budget banner Topar Films.

Corny premise has Aunt Bea as the stern house mother, who doesn’t want her female charges to entertain menfolk in the dorm (replete with a Dustin Hoffman wall poster -a far cry from the rebels Dean, Dylan, Brando or even Belmondo usually exhibited in these films).

The gals sneak guys in; the guys go “Bosom Buddies” and pretend to be girls and all the uninteresting nonsense gets wrapped up by the final reel. At 74 minutes it end ups being one or two reels too long compared to the usual crap from this time frame.

The resulting orgy has Aunt Bea eventually joining in, and ends up badly with inappropriate dramatic music drowning out her dialog, plus the director audibly yelling “Cut!”. This would have worked better in XXX mode.

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