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Directed by: León Klimovsky
Stars: Ágata Lys, Heinrich Starhemberg, Ricardo Merino
Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English
Country: Spain | Imdb Info

Also known as: Violación fatal

Description: Agata Lys (Margarita Garcia Sansegundo) is Veronica, a frustrated widow who operates a spotlessly clean bed and breakfast in an idyllic, wooded section of rural Spain.

The lakeside resort is visited by a writer (Henry Gregor) working on a thriller. Holed up in his room writing, he notices that Veronica is more than a little strange. She tirelessly produces impeccably crafted ceramic figures which decorate the hotel. He overhears her talking to herself and witnesses her hostility every time a couple rents a room.

Veronica is kind of a female Norman Bates, a timid, isolated woman terrified of men and resentful of the unmarried couples and no-tell-motel swingers who crash for a night of love. One night, two hikers (Antonio Mayans and Isabel Pisano) are slashed to death in their room.

This is filmed from the POV of the black gloved, razor killer. It’s unclear if Klimovsky is aping or parodying the then popular Italian gialli here. The bloodletting is certainly copious, with closeups of the razor cutting through necks, faces, breasts. Later, a sleazy businessman (Ricardo Merino) is killed after making out with a hooker. The same close ups of the black gloves, but, again, we don’t see the killer’s face. Is it Veronica, or Veronica’s “dead” husband come back from the grave?

An ironically satisfying double twist ending unravels the truth.

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