Two Girls for a Madman (1968) watch online


Directed by: Stanley H. Brassloff
Stars: Arlene Farber, Jean Weston, Lucky Kargo
Language: English
Country: Usa

Psychopath Frank (Lucky Kargo) should be in a mental hospital but he’s out on the streets and begins stalking the beautiful Toni (Arlene Farber) who he eventually rapes. After the attack he begins to follow her when he notices Toni’s best friend Sonya (Jean Weston) and soon he wants her too.

TWO GIRLS FOR A MADMAN comes from director Stanley H. Brassloff and I must admit that I was a bit shocked by how well made it was. If you’re a fan of Something Weird Video then you know that they’ve released a lot of trash without much merit but there are also some gems like AROUSED. This film here isn’t quite that good but it’s certainly much better than this type of film usually is.

What was so great about portions of the movie is that technically it looked wonderful. The cinematography and editing were terrific and you can see how great during a drug fueled orgy sequence. The music score is also extremely good and helps bring out the dirtiness of the picture. I also thought Kargo was very good in the role of the villain and there’s no doubt that Farber was easy on the eyes.

There’s nudity throughout this semi-roughie but the only real problem is that there’s really not enough done with the story to help carry the 78 minute running time. There are a few too many scenes where not much happens and this drags the film down a bit but TWO GIRLS FOR A MADMAN is still worth watching.

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