Two Moon Junction (1988) watch online


Directed by: Zalman King
Stars: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher
Language: English
Country: Usa

Alsp Known : Seducción de dos lunas, Toque da Sedução, Hede nætter, Kuuma suhde, À fleur de peau, Congiunzione di due lune, Corpos Escaldantes, Слияние двух лун, Encrucijada de pasiones, Iliski, Two Moon Junction – Fesseln der Leidenschaft

Description: April has just graduated from an exclusive Southern college. She’s just returned home to her family mansion to prepare for her semi-arranged marriage to “the right man”, a man approved by April’s father, a Senator. During a trip to the local fair, April meets Perry, the kind of man she always wanted but never knew. Her parents are aghast, as Perry is exactly the kind of man they don’t want her associating with. April must reconcile the expectations of her family and her fiancée with the passion she feels for Perry.

The first time I saw this movie I was in college and I went to a girls house to hang out, she put in the movie and told me that it always got her hot. Well she was right! The plot and acting is pretty lame but it has the desired effect. This movie soon became the “sure thing” movie among my friends when having girls over to watch a movie. Every one of us had a lot of success thanks to this movie! The girls never realized that they were watching a movie that was made to get them hot and bothered. I had my wife watch it, and she thought the movie was pretty B rate….but the results were the same!!

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